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Billy McDowell
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Quote: Originally Posted by Dphotog View Post
M.2pcie 4.0 isn't recognized by my Xtreme in the bios. I did manage to install Windows because the boot priority saw the USB stick but never did it see the actual m.2. I do have some factors that could be the cause but I'm not sure. One being I was short one 8pin for the cpu and two being I had the m.2 installed in the second slot not the first for the bigger heatsink plate of metal. After rebooting and checking the bios continues to not see the m.2 so next I'm going to try and check the boot sequence option (f12) I saw a video where their m.2 wasn't seen by the bios but through the boot sequence were able to see the harddrive. I don't have any other hardives connected and I'll probably update bios after I install my new PSU I'm getting Thursday. If there's anyone else that may have solutions please let me know.
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