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Acer XV273K vs Samsung CRG9 for games

Dear OCN,

Here's my current setup, which I intend to upgrade in 2019 for HFR/HDR games:
- LG 34UM95 ([email protected], 10bit, IPS)
- LG 27UK600 ([email protected], 10bit, IPS, HDR)

- Ryzen 2700 and 2x 1080ti in SLI to drive them

I like the colors for both of them and I quite enjoyed playing Destiny 2 and DMC5 in HDR, even though I know that HDR is not properly implemented .

IMO, I have two options for upgrading, which would cost about the same:
1) Sell both, get the Samsung CRG9 as my only monitor
- get to keep playing games in ultrawide resolution when I want
- VA means I'll probably get better HDR performance
- Easier to drive due to lower pixel density
- VRR and HDR should work at the same time
- I don't like VA smearing in dark scenes, but I heard Samsung exhibit panel this the least out of all VA monitors
- single monitor means I can't keep a second window open when playing games in fullscreen (mandatory for VRR from what I understand)

2) Sell the 34UM95, get the XV273K, keep the 27UK600. That way, I'll have an HFR 4k and a secondary 60hz 4K.
- multi-tasking
- IPS colors
- higher refresh rate
- better pixel density
- better scaling in older games (720p, 1080p)
- IPS probably means worse HDR performance
- lose ultrawide capability
- XV273K panel lottery does not have very good odds, people complain about IPS glow
- XV273K is full of compromises (two cables for 144hz, lose VRR in HDR games, chroma subsampling when using a single cable, etc)

What would you guys choose? I've been looking for other options, but I haven't found anything better in my country (the LG 34GK950F is more expensive that the CRG9 for example).
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