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Quote: Originally Posted by os2wiz View Post
Your deception? There is beta bios 1.94 on the MSI site for this motherboard that supports Zen2 cpus. I am waiting for an official 1.90 bios before I apply Zen2 support.
My gut deeling is the vrm support on this board will be inadequate for the 3900X and 3950X. It is barely adequate for the 8 core 2700X. I am now getting 85 Celsius temps running at 4.2 GHZ with the Prime '95 torture test with small FFT form factor for maximum heat. I have one of the best expandable AIO's on the market the Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme 280mm thick radiator. I have the pump close to full speed at 2700RPM and the fans maxed out. Of course I am in a sun room. During the day with the AC blasting the ambient temp is almost 80 Farenheit. So that is a contributing factor, but not the nain factor. As soon as the MSI X570 Meg Ace is released I will buy it if it is under $350. It has superb vrm and power phase support. I think thaty plus my Ryzen 9 3900X will run a lot cooler than this overclocked 2700X.

if you are talking about your CPU temp then VRM won't make any difference. I get the same temp running an overclocked 2600 or 1700 on a B350 tomahawk as I do on the gaming m7 ac. saying you get 85C running prime doesn't mean anything without voltage input. You're also in a hot room - drop that temp by 6c and your torture test temp will drop by around 6c as well. That being said I bet your day to day results are much lower given the unrealistic load prime 95 puts on a cpu.

VRM will be more than adiquate even for the 2950x on the gaming M7
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