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Quote: Originally Posted by serave View Post
Ok, now i'm really TEMPTED to put the VII under water.

I got my VII on day 1 and when EK released their block i bought one immediately. After installing the block, the card ran for a day before it got DEAD
I reinstalled the stock cooler and sent it back for RMA. Few days later i got my new VII. Now few months later i still have not installed the block.
I have installed maybe 20+ VGAs in a CL but never had any fail. So im still afraid something happens again. Dunno it was the card or it was me this time

Quote: Originally Posted by Dian View Post
in that video the test rigs are different. an i7 8700k with the Radeon VII and an i9 9900k with the 2080ti. its hard to say what else might be different. But its not a good comparison video.
Agree! totally shat!

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