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Quote: Originally Posted by CJMitsuki View Post
Not completely, now its at 3770mhz with 4.4ghz all core and 4.5ghz single to 4 cores. Single core is at 1.4-1.41v and all core runs around 1.35-1.37v with a -.0625v offset and 102.8mhz bclk. Right now im soldering the rest of these CherryMX keyswitches into my keyboard then Ill post some benchmarks and such in the CH7 thread. Been working 12+ hours a night and testing then sleeping in what little time is left.
Almost took few days from work to have more time to play myself still got 9 days to use up by end of September. Forgot to ask what POWER settings are You using with Zen2 ?? I'm on the LLC4 cpu 400khz very fast LLC3 soc 400 fast and 400khz on memories. Not looked in to tweekers section yet.
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