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I have a Zotac 2070 Amp Extreme Core and it's running a bit hot, I mean not really much hotter than it was when I got it 6 months ago but it never used to break 70c. It used to max at 68c with the identical fan curve I'm still using, now it can hit 71-72 under heavy load. Technically it's a lot hotter now here in FL, but with AC on ambient temperature should be about the same as it was back when it didn't get this hot.

Does anybody know if opening up the card voids the warranty on Zotac cards? I'm thinking maybe it needs some new paste. And speaking of opening it up, is there any aftermarket air gpu coolers that wouldn't break the bank and would fit this card and maybe perform a bit better than the stock cooler? I don't really want to deal with liquid cooling and price is also an issue so that's why I'm thinking an air cooler. Quieter fans would also be nice as the fans on this card get very load above 60% fan speed.

I mean considering it has a thick ass heatsink and three fans I'd think it would be able to cool itself pretty well, but clearly it doesn't just looking at how cool other peoples 2070's run. Also, i've found that under load going from 60% fan speed to 100% at best reduces temperature by 1 degree celsius if anything at all, isn't that a bit odd?

Thanks in advance for any potential help with my questions.
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