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Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.4ghz all cores
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max temp was 76°c after ~12mins of cpu-z stress test. the cooler is the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo

PBO does literally nothing, neither in the bios settings nor with ryzen master. I had to use the good old all core fixed ratio and fixed constant voltage (1.4v) as having a negative or positive offset would result in no post. Would be great if in a future bios update I can reach these scores but retain the ability for the cpu to down-clock.

Has anyone trouble setting the memory CAS latency below 16? Even with the d.o.c.p profile loaded it won't go below 16, when in fact my memory is rated for 15-16-16-35 3000mhz

Thankfully no stupid error codes or stuff like fans suddently turning off. But I noticed that many settings in the bios right now do nothing, like for example, I turned off the leds but they stay on anyway.
You can't use odd CAS latency numbers if Geardown mode is enabled.
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