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Quote: Originally Posted by sandman1330 View Post
I am still in the exact same boat. No LEDs, nothing - straight to 07. I even tried a different type of RAM, A cheap 1.2v stick, no dice.

I still have a week to return my 3900X, I will give Asus until this weekend to get a new bios before I have to return the chip. I don’t think a board RMA will fly for me as the 3900X is not a supported chip (officially).

If I do have to return it, I may wait a month or so and try again with a 3800X after BIOS matures.

This is painful, since I bought first gen Ryzen years ago to get an AM4 board, specifically waiting for this day. I could have bought intel and been gaming at higher FPS for the last 2 years, but I bought into AM4 for the forward compatibility and to support AMD (competition is good). Frustrated!
Indeed... and the lack of communication is what makes it the worst. If Asus would say that there has been unexpected issues what we haven't noticed, give us until <date> and we'll provide ETA for fix then. Then we would at least know, because you go crazy with troubleshooting, settings etc because with the same rev, exact same components, people have been able to put their system working so there is small doubt always what if, what if, what if ... but I am glad I still had my old CPU and when everything works with that, I know it must be 3rd gen.

I did return board today, let's see how it goes. Extremely frustrated as well, I specifically went for 3rd gen / AM4 to avoid what I did today; unscrewing MB fron chassis, unplugging every single cable, detaching all my carefully and thought cables, they were ziptied, ... sigh.

CPU AMD Ryzen 1700, MB Crosshair Hero VI, MEM FlareX for AMD f4-3200c14d-16gfx
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