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So I pulled the plug, just waiting for the MB and Video card to get here Friday. I also got a new desk because my current one is over 10 years old lol. I went with this desk, it was $45 off yesterday for Prime day. The MB is is the Gigabyte X570 elite, and I went with the Gigabyte 1660ti to save some money. I checked and I have 5 different 1080p/60hz monitors so I have no need to get a new one. So ready for the weekend! I’m also excited because after 10 years with Comcast internet I finally ditched them!!!!! AT&T just upgraded my neighborhood with fiber so I went with the Fiber 1000 for $60 a month with no usage cap. 1000 up and 1000 down is insane. I went over my budget but YOLO [emoji3] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GJTWSNR..._vV2lDbB4PBD0P

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