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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
SATA old slow interface and same hardware as other SSDs on M.2/PCIe. SATA SSD is dead until they start offering large capacities at low prices, that's where they have the space to fit more chips unlike M.2 drives that can only fit so much into the small form factor.

I know it can't get any faster, but even cost wise it seems they reached same minimum right now as M.2/PCIe drives, in the end M.2 is even cheaper to manufacture as there are no enclosures to make and pay for, less connectors, etc. even hardware cost wise M.2 is cheaper to make. Hell they probably spit the drives in mass and then cut them to individual pieces. Where as with SATA drives, some poor humans have to assemble it or they have another machines putting it all together. M.2 cheaper to make than SATA drives.

Those QLC drives are hardly worth anything right now in any form factor.
I expect that's the ultimate end goal - HDD bulk storage replacement rather than setting performance records. I believe enterprise SSDs have started to switch to QLC already. Drive density can a big factor there.

As for consumer QLC SSDs, they're expensive compared to faster TLC unless you need 4TB and don't really have much of an option. Mind, we were in this same situation during the MLC to TLC transition as far as cost. I expect the cost thing will change eventually. However, I just don't see QLC going inside high-end performance SSDs.
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