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Quote: Originally Posted by Hwgeek View Post
You chose this Dinosaur from 2014 instead of cool,low power, much faster CPU, much advanced platform and payed so much? sry, doesn't make sense for me, under $400 maybe.
But if you are happy- it's all that matters :-).
It's faster but not "much" faster by any means of the imagination.
To me "much faster" means 50% more single thread.

Also Ryzen 3000 is fast and low power but I don't think it's cool at all, it's just made from low grade reject server chips, where as the 5960x is a top quality, complete chip. Also there's nothing "advanced" about fans on chipsets. They can't even bother to make an effective heat sink because they want their boards to look like alien space ships.

And for the same price of $570 USD, I'd be looking at bottom end trash MB to go with the 3600. I would much rather prefer an ASUS ROG board.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lexi is Dumb View Post
But wouldn't it have been cheaper still to get a secondhand 1700 and have roughly the same perf with the benefit of a motherboard that might take a much faster 12 or 16 core chip later?

I also can't understand what the 9900k being best in gaming has to do with buying a chip that's slower than both CL and Zen 2 in gaming, especially one that sits closer to Zen 1 gaming performance .

As long as you're happy with your choice and what it does for you that's all that matters, just saying I don't think I could come to the same conclusion based on the choices/info.
I just think there are better options for old and secondhand.
Yes it would, but there are massive down sides to Zen 1 and Zen+ with inter-core latency. Also I never wanted any of the mainstream boards, Even if I choose AMD it will have to be threadripper, but then thread ripper has too many threads that I don't need.

Also I think you're underestimating Intel, the 5960x is a match for Zen+ not Zen1 considering the clock speed advantages.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hwgeek View Post
since Guru3d only reviewed 3700X/3900X.
P.S: even the R5 3600 is faster then 5960X at stock in R20, and even with max OC @4.7Ghz-the 5960X only gets ~4200pts in R20.

Sry OP for this, but maybe you should think to make a good profit from the parts you got for cheap and sell them while they have good value?
Who's gonna run these old Intel chips at stock? They all had so much headroom.

AMD is for some reason ridiculously fast in Cinebench, but not so much in other things especially games. So I don't think 3600 is going to beat the 5960x in Cinebench MT.
The 3600 will be faster in games but I game at 4k60 so CPU performance is not a big issue for me.

Yes I can absolutely sell these as well, but I think I'll use these to wait for next-gen. My old X79 has so many problems and quirks it takes like 5 minutes to boot up because the lack of UEFI, no NVME, and BIOS bugs that aren't getting fixed.

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