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1080ti: Need your advice

Hello All,

Looking for a little advice on a situation I've been dealing with for more than a year. Last year I tried to get into [email protected] gaming dropping down from [email protected] gaming after my 4k monitor died on me. I broke down and bought an Asus predator 1440p monitor thinking I would have better performance gaming as my 1080ti at the time struggled to hit 60fps in many of the games I played on max settings and many games and programs are outright broken trying to use 4k with poor scaling and such. I quickly found that i was just short of meeting the 165hz of the 1440p monitor in some of the games I played so I bought a 2nd 1080ti used in hopes of running it in SLI and get the performance I was looking for. Well since that decision I have hated all the struggles I've been through with gaming with SLI, plus I found out that you cant stream with SLI as recording software like OBS doesn't function properly with GPUs in SLI. So i have had a 2nd 1080ti in my system basically rarely ever used and looking for advice for a new gaming rig upgrade.

I was waiting for the release of Zen 2 to make my decisions and after reviewing some of the benchmarks im still leaning towards going with intel 9900k over Zen 2, but I'm not sure what I should do with the 1080ti's. I have been thinking of selling them both and buy a single RTX2080ti, as streaming with the encoder from the RTX barely drops any fps on the stream and is nearly identical quality to streaming from a 9900k CPU directly I've been told. plus it would max out my monitor on nearly all the games i play, but ive also been thinking of just selling 1 GPU and running the single 1080ti for now, because ive been told that something is about to be released from AMD in the Navi lineup in September that is rumored to equal the 2080ti for half the price.
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