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Quote: Originally Posted by Streetdragon View Post
I run 1080TI Sli an i have 0 problems. Ok i dont stream^^
Most sli profiles/Hacks can be found online to get sli working.

But i think for you use-case a singe strong card would fit better
Is there a really good source of these profiles and hacks? I've tried googling on some of the games i play with mixed results that rarely worked. Id almost prefer to keep them in SLI, because I already have them installed in SLI with water blocks in my custom water loop. I feel like trying to sell the used water blocks or the cards with the water blocks attached would be very difficult. Back when I sold my R9 290, it sat for sale on eBay for many months without selling and most offers I got to sell it were equal to the same price normal ones with air coolers were selling used, so I basically gave away the water block selling it. I have also been told i can get around the SLI issue with OBS by running a 2nd system for streaming and capture the output from the master GPU on with a capture card on the 2nd pc system.
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