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Quote: Originally Posted by andrews2547 View Post
I'm just confused as to why so many people care what CPU OP went for. $550 CAD (?) for that hardware is pretty damn good. Even if it's $550 USD, it's still a good deal. I would have probably done the same thing TBH.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex132 View Post
It's nice to see OCN's AMD evangelists get rather upset that you didn't purchase AMD - and then for them to completely disregard your reasoning and research.

You have to keep in mind something like my 9900K + Aorus Master + 32GB DDR4 3800mhz cost me around CAD 1900 including ON's 13% tax (Jan 2019). So CAD 750 for that is 253% cheaper.

And honestly, 750 CAD for that CPU, motherboard and RAM is a good deal. Sure you're losing out of performance but that price to performance is pretty neat. I'm guessing the OP is going to use this to tide him over until 10nm Intel or Zen refresh which is more compelling of an upgrade for him/her. Plus we don't know what CPU/etc. they came from.

What GPU are you paring with that out of interest?

Additionally: Anandtech article of 5960x v 2700x: https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/1317?vs=2110
Did you guys read the first post? Its not a "hey i got a great deal on used 5960x and decided against buying anything new for now." When i read it all i see is OP talking about how 9900k is superior in gaming and AMD cannot do anything right and just sucks for everyone. Everything in the post is about how the OP has disdain for AMD and how intel is superior. Like was he really considering AMD at all?

Look at his reply as well "The 3600 will be faster in games but I game at 4k60 so CPU performance is not a big issue for me." Really now? So why make a post about how intel cpu is better than AMD even today. Like here is another Pro intel thread and citing Intel gaming performance as king. YET GAMES AT 4k!? So now why even bother talking about whats superior or not, just would have been easy to say "i got a awesome deal"

just for reference 4k gaming on 2080ti

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