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I have an EVGA 1080Ti FE 11GB card from launch that I swapped on a hybrid cooler and finally went to a full custom loop. I had the stock vBIOS on it from day 1 and did some tests this morning and saw that I was CONSTANTLY hitting power and voltage perf throttle without any OC.

I flashed the S1080TIXOCNoPowerLimit.rom from the zip file, rebooted, and stock with boost (I think it's boost) is now 1999Mhz without any throttling at all. It constantly stays at that clock. If I increase by 50Mhz Time Spy will throw an error randomly when starting one of the scenes.

Is there anything more I can do to push this a little farther? Would be great to hit 2100 stable but I may not be able to.

I can't read this entire thread but the first couple of pages actually says the ASUS bios is doing nothing but it definitely did in my case.

Time Spy Stock vBIOS 9921
Time Spy Strix XOC vBIOS 10461

I haven't played with any of the other bioses so I am not sure if there will be too much of a difference.
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