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Are you looking for the Gigabyte G1? i have one with the stock heatsink and the fans are all broken off. I also have a PNY 980 ti that has a hybrid cooler shroud with factory heatsink in place. (hybrid cooler went on my titan) got sick of switch everything over so just cheated..

The G1 i purchased with no fans and a stock heatsink. The previous owner did bend the back plate to fit his case and swapped the stock heatsink for artic acellero 3 thing..

PM probably can work something out. Im looking to pick up another titan. so looking to move a card

PS. Gigabyte G1 was probably the best 980 ti that was available. It consistently out clocked my pny and evga cards. with stock heat sink and two 120mm fans on med. the thing clocked as high as my evga hybrid cards.

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