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Quote: Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post
So what impressions You have so far ??

The product is very interesting, but I believe that internal testing failed. To be honest, I have no words ... and I try to refrain from commenting

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There are a few rules that zen 2 users should know

1) FCLK should always be equal UCLK and MEMCLK , otherwise, domain synchronization reduces system performance.
2) VDDG <= SOC . Max limit 1.15 volts , which you may need.
3) procODT for all Zen 2 changed and the optimal range is as follows (for all motherboards) 28-40 Ohm. Settings from the previous generation of processors are not relevant (except for timings and voltage).
4) PB2 (+0 + 25 + 75 + 100 +200 mhz)not equal PBO. I advise you to use PB2, this algorithm does not depend on currents and thermal packets. The only limitation of this technology is processor temperature and FIT. Do not forget to turn off the PBO.
5) The optimal processor temperature for maximum boost is 60 degrees or less.
6) The maximum frequency of the memory controller (stable) in most cases is 1866-1900Mhz.

P.s. I have notified AMD of all existing problems, no need to worry.

P.p.s. Review. I have lost a lot of time due to thorough research of new products, but the review will already be published on all resources early next week.
Then I will engage in tight communication with the community (I hope the availability of processors will improve).


BR, Yuri
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