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Quote: Originally Posted by SystemTech View Post

Given that Ryzen 3 is on par core for core with the 9900K on average across all workloads, and AMD have a had 15% increase between generations, we can expect Ryzen 4 to be 15% faster than 3.
Intels 10nm first gen will only be 5% faster, giving AMD a 10% lead on average core for core.

So Intels nearest chance of being = to AMD core for core is probably 2021 or 2022 depending on how quickly the revise desktop 10nm gen 1

So although the article is incorect, in that he missed the fact that AMD 7nm ~ Intel 10nm, he is correct in stating that Intel will only catch up to AMD in 2021.(best case scenario for Intel)
Hold up, you forgot the 15% IPC increase for AMD took them 2 years from 2017 to 2019. They didnt increase IPC every year. Leading me to believe the next 15% jump for Ryzen is in 2021, and will be head to head with Intel "7nm" node.

In fact in 2021 we might see Ocean Cove with 2.5D stacking for desktop chip on 7nm? That will be a very interesting year ahead.

And the article should change name to "overtake" AMD 7nm chip.

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