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Quote: Originally Posted by reaver83 View Post
What is the Radeon R9 in your system? are you trying to run 2 completely different graphics cards? if so, it does not work well.
Please read up on the troubleshooting that we're doing with this 980 Ti. The Radeon's only purpose is as a spare (working) graphics card to provide display-out. Swapping the R9 for a GTX 750 Ti as the primary GPU makes no difference (confirmed).

If the 980 Ti is the only card in the system, the system will not boot (replicated on 3 separate computers). If it's a secondary card, the system will boot, but the driver won't load on the 980 Ti.

As an aside, AMD and Nvidia cards can co-exist in the same system without issue. That hasn't caused problems in a long, long time.
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