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Quote: Originally Posted by Kpjoslee View Post
Another supposed tech writer not knowing Intel's 7nm =/= TSMC's 7nm.

The thing is Intel has had trouble executing but TSMC has been on target. Now to be fair maybe Intel 7nm will have no issues. It might not. The team is said to be different. The first 7nm is supposed to be enterprise GPUs right? Always subject to change though.

TSMC is running 7nm+ EUV right now, though. And TSMC 5nm will be out by the time Intel ships 7nm (let's assume they are similar, but who can really say for sure at this point). It's possible Intel could dump a ton of capital and R&D spending and regain their fab lead but it seems doubtful. It's probably permanently gone--I don't think it's coming back, *ever*. They might be able to out-innovate everyone else with packaging though? But TSMC has similar advanced packaging...Hrm.
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