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Quote: Originally Posted by jstar View Post
Glad to hear rob87 it works for you now I'm waiting my RMA. Shame that users here have spent combined at least 50h+ testing.

For anyone thinking about defending Asus, I will say it here once again and will requote myself for the future.

1) Asus and other vendors knew very well in advance Ryzen 3rd gen is coming, it was not a surprise.
2) This was very easy launch for MB vendors, e.g. Q1/2017 when 1st gen Ryzen was released, at the same time Intel released Kaby Lake. Then I would have accepted delays or bugs as BIOS team must be the same regardless of platform.
3) X570 was designed in-house 100% by AMD, not ASMedia. This should have increased collaboration as there were no 3rd party.
4) If Asus can't keep up with their BIOS releases and support, they have to:
a. add more staff
b. reduce number of available models
b2. sell MB's shorter period of time so they would go EoL quicker.
5) Asus keeps making same mistakes and they don't take learning, now with 570X launch, ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and ASUS ROG Strix X570-E don't have much difference, yet it adds complexity to their lineup and will cause issues with future upgrade.

Do NOT TRY try to put this to consumers or getting away with BS excuses with "early adopters", wake up people, we wouldn't accept unsafe cars just because they are new. That is very, very lame excuse and shouldn't be accepted. Otherwise you can start sending me PayPal money, I am working with something great but yeah as you know as early adopter it might take time, it is such a new and shiny product that I don't even know myself what I am working but please keep money coming, you'll get working product... someday. Maybe.

1. When did ASUS receive final 3900X samples to design bios? Did AMD provide a bug-free new AGESA version for all Mobo providers a month in advance?

2. How come updating the Bios for 40 old motherboards and around 10 new ones is a very easy launch? Is it "very easy" for other vendors like MSI?

3. How do you know that AMD provides superior chipset support to ASMedia?

4. Were you specifically promised to have new Ryzen support on Day-1, bug-free?

5. There is a $50 difference between the boards.

Safety of the cars is a different subject. At the worst case, you have to wait a week or two without being able to POST with a new processor... Nothing to do with safety, we aren't even talking about bricking or pumping dangerous voltages.

The way I see things: Asus provide a Day-1 support for 3900X which works for half of the people. The problems/bugs haven't been discovered, and the BIOS updates are in the works.

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