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Want to delidd my 3770k

I've got a pretty good 3770k. Its currently running at 4.6Ghz around 1.23v. With my D14 - it doesn't really go past 63 in gaming but stress testing is another thing. Ive noticed going to 4.7Ghz will requires alot more voltage as around 1.3v it still isnt stable. Around this voltage - it can hit the high 80's when stressing.

Frankly, I just wanna push the sucker as close to 5 Ghz as possible to remove those pesky low frames with my 1070. Im not gonna sell the rig so i might as well squeeze everything i can from it. Questions:

- Liquid metal or NT-H1...Which liquid should I get?
- How can i seal it back up? Since the D14 is sitting on top - is it really necessary?
- Is it worth it?

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