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Quote: Originally Posted by mvmiller12 View Post
7201 for CH6 Extreme at least fixes the CPU voltage offset problems I was experiencing. They are working properly now. It also took care of the issues with my Corsair K70 RGB and M65 Mouse - I no longer have to set the keyboard slider to BIOS mode to get into the BIOS and the mouse works as well.

I just replaced my C6 Hero with this C6 Extreme yesterday, still using my Ryzen R7 2700x. I can't get my Corsair CMW16GX4M2D3600C18 kit running at XMP settings (3600-18-22-22-22) - computer is unstable. This same CPU and RAM kit were perfectly fine at XMP on the C6 Hero it replaced.

My Hero is a rev 103, though, and I've read that the C6 Extreme is working pretty well with the Ryzen 3000 series chips whereas the rev 103 C6 Hero's are very hit and miss. I plan on grabbing a 3900x in the next month or so. I got the Extreme for $180 and I was needing another motherboard anyway for a different system I am building.
Where can I find the rev? I could not find it.
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