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Are you interested in overclocking the RTX 2070 Super? Or just looking for better thermals? A Day one OC for sure won't be required, but if you want to push toward 165Hz....

Quote: Originally Posted by shilka View Post
I am looking to get an RTX 2070 Super here in August but really don't know what card to pick.... I have 4 options .... Gigabyte Gaming OC and Aorus the MSI Trio X and the Zotac Amp Extreme and the Zotac AMP Extreme is the second cheapest of those 4

The MSI RTX 2070 Super Trio X is also a strong contender

I have an Asus PG279Q which is a 1440P 165 hz monitor and while an RTX 2080 Super would be faster i am not willing to pay for an RTX 2080 Super i just want a new card without paying an arm and a leg for it
In short: It's probably a little early to say, but it'll come down to Vendor selected Power Limits (if you wish to OC) and 3rd Party Cooler Design (for noise and thermals). You don't mention your airflow i.e. how well ventilated your case is...

PCB Design
-The Zotac will no doubt be better value, as they dont carry the Taiwanese cost-overheads of the other manufacturers. I ran a Zotac in my previous rig for years, I think they are sound, but that's anecdotal of course.
-The Gigabyte Gaming OC seems to be a reference PCB design (as usual). This could be beneficial if cross-flashing BIOS/UEFI becomes a thing and you are up for that.
If you are running a custom open-loop, then I would definitely consider this (I'm assuming you aren't tho)

Models here: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-spec...70-super.c3440

USB-C port
A number of even high-end third-party cards seem to be omitting the USB-C port (incl. Zotac, MSI & others). If you are short of one on the motherboard, it could well prove useful down the line....
Silicon: With no nvidia side binning of the silicon, it will be a lottery if your silicon is really good. Now the process is more mature, there will likely be a little less variance however so perhaps less of a concern than last year... The Aorus has 3x HDMI 3x DisplayPort and 1x USB Type-C (!)

G-Sync for the win
I have the same setup as you, the Asus PG279Q at 165Hz and I'll scoop up a '70 Super soon... Naturally as a variable refresh G-Sync panel with a very good range, a 2070 Super should provide v.smooth gaming for years to come, having said that it might be worth keeping eyes peeled for clearance deals on excess 2080 inventory..

anyway food for thought, hope this helps...

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