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Quote: Originally Posted by pipould View Post
Let me tell you that if ASUS would test all of the C6H revisions, in the same conditions than users (aka, not installed carefully on a test bench), with ALL the processors available for it, every single time.... You'd get a Bios every year and pay the board 3 times more.

It's very different to certify a board on 5 new intel procs knowing the support will be dropped 6 months after than supporting the whole range of AM4 processors.

They communicate badly and aren't close to their community, but it's no better than MSI which includes bitmap of dragon in their bios and then complain it's too small, lol.
If initial release BIOS would contain everything what they have promised and I would be able to use my system how it was intended to, I would not have any need to upgrade my BIOS. I was using my system just fine since 2017 until now with older BIOS. I was following instructions which stated that in order to use Ryzen 3000 series, you need to have latest bios and that is what I did.
So I don't need weekly/monthly BIOS updates, I want reliable and working system.

If there are enhancements done after initial release, I can evaluate and decide if I want to upgrade, like X570 if I want to have fan start/stop function. But company is not committed to provide me anything more what was promised in marketing materials.

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