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Quote: Originally Posted by rob87 View Post
Hi All,

Just an update from ASUS regarding error 07 on the motherboards


Update: The problem has been successfully replicated in lab. The design team is on it now.


ASUS ROG Marketing
I wouldn't hold my breath. only few days left for my c6h return window. I think most people are. going to return my motherboard for refund and get non asus x570.

based on their bios release history, new bios usually takes minimum 1+ month (quickest was 13 days with 7201 which only fixed keyboard)

and I think it'll take much longer to fix 07 error bios issue

I guess zen2 release was rushed and I should have waited for September (3950x) release or have gone for coffeelake cpu

considering how expensive even the budget x570 mobos are, imo coffeelake is even cheaper than zen2 for price to performance if you think about mobo, high clock ram, etc price

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