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Quote: Originally Posted by b0uncyfr0 View Post
Nice, thanks. Is it generally a good idea to use LM on the D14 of just stick to NT-H1?

I was unhappy with using liquid metal between my i5-3570k CPU and my NH-D14. The liquid metal will turn hard over time, and then you will not be able to fully remove it anymore. There will be small clumps of dark material fused to the base of the cooler. You will have to use sandpaper to get the base of the cooler smooth again.

The liquid metal hardens over time because certain components of it start moving into the copper of the NH-D14. I guess it's the "gallium" metal part of the liquid metal. When you then polish the base of the cooler with sandpaper, you will remove the nickel plating from the base and will see the red color from the copper that's underneath the nickel plating. In the middle of the cooler's base, the copper will have a silver instead of a red color. That's because in that area it will be a sort of alloy of copper and gallium.

A very annoying thing that happened here for me was, because the liquid metal had turned hard, there were flakes of metal flying around the motherboard after I removed the NH-D14. One of those flakes managed to get into the CPU socket. I noticed this because one memory channel stopped working after I had reassembled the PC. I had to try to fish out that metal flake from between the socket pins without destroying the pins. That was pretty annoying.

Another thing I noticed, the liquid metal between CPU and cooler did not age better than thermal paste. After several years, when the liquid metal was fully hardened, the temperatures were noticeably worse than in the beginning.

This whole experience was a bit sad and I would recommend against using liquid metal between CPU and cooler.
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