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Quote: Originally Posted by Imouto View Post
Why does that matter? The important bit is how a node performs and Intel is years behind. By 2021 their 7 nm they will have to fight against TSMC's 5 nm (Samsung's too as it seems) that would already have been in the market for a whole year.
It matters because Intel's 10nm is essentially TSMC's "7 nm" and yes, Intel's 7nm is also known as TSMC's 5nm. The nm size really only reflects generations now rather than the actual gate size now. TSMC and GloFo continued to decrease their transistor size nomencalture when in reality, the actual gates haven't shrunk by nearly as much as the number suggests. Intel was always a full generation ahead of the competition. For once, the competition seems to have caught up to Intel. To say that intel is behind is completely absurd. Sure they're not industry leading anymore but that is far from behind.

Intel 10nm and TSMC 7nm is all a wash. There isn't any actual 10nm or 7nm measurement in any of this.
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