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Small update, bad luck continues.

Started getting Error 43’s on my GPU, couldn’t install drivers or get to work so I RMA it only for EVGA to return it claiming it works perfectly.

While setting up my CPU for direct die cooling I spilled some liquid metal on my MB, cleaned it as best I could but rather then take chances I went and ordered a Asus Maximus XI Plex. Should be a better overclocker but I lose some functionality.
I’ll give the old board a bath of alcohol later and see if I can clean it all off but with my luck if j used it I’d get a short and lose it all.

So in short the last 2 weeks have been the worst yet. I’ll try the GPU with the new board and if it doesn’t work I’m giving up completely and will be selling it all.

It happy with EVGA, no info at all as to why my card was returned on their site I had to call to find out what was wrong with it. RMA shows as completed as well, when it should of read rejected. Damn EVGA

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