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It's going to weeks/months before ANY boards are running 3000 series ok. AMD hasn't even yet produced a decent microcode that isn't bugged, apparently even is bugged. I'm not saying that some out there aren't running okay already, but I mean the majority.. the largest percentage of people. Where everyone gets a user friendly stable system whenever they plug in the CPU and turn the PC on.

Because if AMD is yet to send the board makers a full 100% proper bug free microcode, how can they release a proper BIOS? And then when they receive this, it takes weeks to adapt it to each boards specific BIOS. This even applies for X570 boards. There's WHEA errors, there's errors with M.2 drives, PCI-e etc etc. There's a lot of stuff to clean up. The older boards are likely to have more problems but none of them will be 100% for quite some time. To me, when you buy at launch this is to be expected (even though it's disappointing and frustrating). Hopefully the next BIOS from ASUS clears up some of the more basic problems with this board like the boot issue but it'll take another 2 or 3 updates until it really gets on the proper level. AMD keeps evolving the microcode.. it's just going to be a continual process of optimization that occurs over time. Hopefully they can add a per CCX OC option in the BIOS, because this seems more useful than PBO.. which at this point seems pretty useless. But that's an optional feature and they really just need to focus on the basics right now. For example, some people are able to improve boot stability by unplugging the front reset button from the header on the motherboard. They need to fix these basic things first.

By Christmas, things should be a lot smoother. I'm hoping it's more like September/October but who knows.
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