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Quote: Originally Posted by crakej View Post
They'll be introducing some tech soon that executes single threaded loads on multiple threads. If it detects something can run in another thread, it will automatically do it, meaning code not written for multithreading will gain some multithreading performance. This is going to make executing code much more efficient and give a decent performance boost even without touching clocks, ipc, or any other improvements.

Computing power is growing exponentially again - things are looking VERY interesting for the future. AMD has basically increased the computing power of the planet by magnitudes never seen before. Because of this, tech will improve faster an faster!
Love this post!!! It's very much true. Lots of idle threads for cloud based AI to utilize. The next 20 to 30 years is going to be interesting for mankind.

My 16 threads today is a super computer compared to 20 years ago. Never thought then I'd have such an outstanding PC. 20 years from now, I may find myself typing the exact same thing!

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