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Quote: Originally Posted by Takla View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by buyology View Post
Cinebench R20 was 4767, and i mean CORE VID voltages at the first ss, its showing to max 1.49v

And corsair icue doesnt show cpu temp package to set fan curve on it.
Your core VID values are normal. the important things are cpu core voltage and of course the cpu temperature. Also, corsairs iCUE has been known to send high priority requests to the cpu, which restricts your cpu from entering a lower power state. Not sure if this has already been fixed and if you use the fixed version in that case. Just something to keep in mind if you should experience higher than normal (~40°c) idling temps.

Also, to check if your manual cpu voltages do not reduce the performance, you would have to do one run with stock voltages and one run with your custom set of 1.35v and compare the numbers yourself. And just in case you use ryzen master for this, you need to close it before running cinebench as it will reduce your score by several 100 points.
I will try this, but auto voltage gave me scare 😕
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