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Quote: Originally Posted by ciarlatano View Post
There are a ton of geeky command line ways to do it, but all you really have to do is go to the "Optimize Drives" tool and optimize the drive. As long as it is shown as an SSD, it will TRIM it rather than defragging it.
Yeah there were some commands and this windows tool to manage the drives, been a long time since I checked trim status and how to do it, it was only relevant back with Samsung 840 EVO when OSs used to have issues with SSDs etc. still.
Everything seems reported ok in that Win tool for me.


x99, x299 vs M.2 it very much depends on any motherboard what M.2 port even SATA port do you use. Z97 for example has 2.0x2 via chipset and any 3.0x4 ports are taken from the limited 16 CPU lanes that one normally feeds all to GPU. These old HEDT platforms of Intel are no different, there are variations of where each port is connected. Not all ports are made equal, same as not all SATA ports are equal, some are form chipset some are 3rd party controller at times.

If you want full speed you need to use CPU lanes.
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