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4 sticks?

Quote: Originally Posted by robertr1 View Post
You're likely not going to get that mem to run at XMP on these boards with 2 sticks.

These boards are very poor at 2 stick performance.

The chances of you booting with those timings and being stable are somewhere between 0 and .5% I'd love have someone show me a 17-17-17 4000mhz in a 2 stick config on their GB Z390 board running stable.

RMA the board, get an Asus Apex if you want high mem speeds and want to stick with 2 sticks. Don't touch a GB Z390 board if you goal is 2 stick mem performance.

If you want to add 2 more sticks, you'll have a much higher chance of running XMP.
I'm running 2 sticks of 16gb Corsair vengeance, you guys are saying it's more stable with all 4 slots filled? I'm gonna have to run out now before the wife gets home!

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