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Quote: Originally Posted by wisepds View Post
Guys, what Vcore for 4,3ghz on 3900x? I mean on load, not on idle with for example LLC2?

I can't push to 4,3 and 1,35v (1,287 under load)

Are you using BIOs or Ryzen Master? I've been trying to figure out how to control the voltages with BIOs, it doesn't work.

But anyways, use this method for now: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comment...mmend_massive/

I'm waiting for others to start OC so we can discuss controlling VID voltages. Haven't seen anyone talk much about CCX OC here yet.

With this method, I have accomplished the following:

Ryzen Master - All VID voltages controlled to be below 1.325, no thermal warnings happen.
CCX0 4425
CCX1 4425
CCX2 4475
CCX3 4475

der8auer's OC tool - VID voltages spike to 1.38v-1.48v, thermal warnings happen and PC shuts off
CCX0 4425
CCX1 4425
CCX2 4450
CCX3 4450

My scores with der8auer's OC tool is actually higher because Ryzen Master sucks up resources. But Ryzen Master lets me run 4475 because it controls the VID voltages!


Hopefully someone here can figure it out. We'll get really nice OCs soon. We need to Overclock and Undervolt the best that we can to maximize boost because if we don't, thermal throttling occurs and these chips heat up quite rapidly due to the way they are designed.
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