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Ok so any ideas, currently I'm getting random reboots/BSOD when idle, it's happened twice now.
I'll locked the computer just then to cook dinner, Chrome was running, when I came back the machine had reboot, checked bluescreens and there was no dump logged other than the first BSOD.
The first BSOD I was just browsing the web (Chrome), and I actually saw the BSOD, the log on that was with the ntoskrnl.exe.

I've run Prime95, Realbench, Cinebench, Memtest all fine, heck I've played hours of GTA V, AC:O, Metro Last Light, so it's not load or memory related.

I have a 3900x (no oc) with a negative -0.100v offset, maybe I need to lower that to -0.05v, it's all I can think of that would be causing a idle crash.

I've notice even with Chrome open my idle voltages when not touching anything drop to about 0.496v occasionally.

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