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Quote: Originally Posted by Dasboogieman View Post
Hi @Mumak

Love you work.

I noticed the new VCC temperature readout feature.

Something funky seems to be happening because the readout is like 79-80C Idlefor my VRMs on the Z270-H with a 7700K in it. I know the VRM is not the best but I find it hard to believe it actually idles at 80C. I cannot locate any hotspots anywhere on the board, adding direct airflow from a 140mm fan doesn't drop the temperature. I even chilled the VRM heatsink with compressed air and it didn't drop below 80C. I forced the CPU in to power saving mode and it draws no more than 14W and the temperatures still don't drop. Peak load temperatures top out at 105C under Prime 95 115W CPU load.

This lead me to conclude that either the readout is not correct, some offsets are not being applied properly or the VRM is truly this **** (but I haven't found the offending MOSFET yet).

I've tested the VCC on the Z370 Taichi which works properly. My other Asrock Z370M-ITX AC does not support SVID so there was no readout possible.
The VCC Temperature you see is reported straight by the VRM. I already had some reports of odd values seen here, unfortunately I can't do anything about this. Looks like some VRMs are not reporting valid temperatures, but not sure if this can affect operating conditions like triggering a VR Hot alert.

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