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Quote: Originally Posted by EarlZ View Post
That would be via optical right? Can you share how you have your SBZ software configured as sometimes I can get lost and not get audio, what I have noticed is that the volume is is now determined under "What you hear" and DD-Live Encoder is needed for audio even on 2.0 / 2.1 mode ?
My setup is for headphones, so Windows is on default 5.1 configuration (so games and other software sends surround data to the card); but the SBz control panel is set to Headphones (so the surround data gets HRTF processed for headphone surround when enabled). Also, the "Play stereo mix to digital output" is checked under the Advanced Features panel.

For speakers, you don't need the encoder for stereo. But for surround speakers, you need to use an encoder since SPDIF is stereo only. "What you here" isn't needed for anything unless you want to record stuff... Maybe the encoders work off of the "what you here" feed, but I'm not sure.

If you use the encoder, you can't have your Mic App access disabled in the Windows 10 settings. I'm not sure if that "bug" ever got fixed, but last time I tried it, you couldn't globally disable mic access to Apps in Win 10.

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