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I've suspected for a while now there was some Intel CPU bias going on at that site. It's fairly obvious by the value they assess to INTEL rigs vs AMD rigs. They always assess a higher value to the Intel rig even when it's clearly inferior in overall PC performance scores. Well my suspicions are really confirmed now. It seems they've now done some very creative math when it comes to ranking CPUs. AMD had been beating the pants off of Intel in benchmarking at that site with the release of Zen 2 up until today. We can't have that now can we? Seems they've cooked the math to where now Intel occupies the top 5 CPU rankings. Everybody knows that's a complete farce. Frankly, I can't justify purchasing any Intel CPU at this point in time that AMD doesn't have a better solution for. So how bad is it? The Ryzen 2990WX rightfully occupied the number one position since it's release. Today it has been bumped all the way down to number 52 in rank. The Intel 9900K is now number one when yesterday it was down to about number 9 well below the other I9s and some of the Ryzens. What they've done in cooking the math is almost completely de-emphasize multi core performance while increasing emphasis on single core performance resulting in giving Intel a huge boost and distorting the overall view of the performance of a CPU for buyers. That's sinister. The folks running that site have absolutely no integrity in my opinion. Is anybody seriously going to buy a I7 9700KF over a Ryzen 3800X? I'd do my benchmarking elsewhere if i were you they cannot be trusted. Intel lost the top spot because of their own arrogance, incompetence and greed. You don't reward that. That just kills innovation.

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