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For a quick end user test it's fine. CDM also tends to be shown by manufacturers when making their marketing claims. For reviews... more about showing users what they can easily compare with while also using other custom tests to test a drive better.

No way of knowing who is "hiding" behind what nick on forums from what site/channel.
I was simply shopping and looking for a good value drive, couldn't find much initially on typical review sites of CPUs/GPUs/... so I asked here and the E12 drives were mentioned. It's really hard to tell from shops and aggregators what drives are good when one doesn't know which controllers are good. New and old being sold side by side with contradicting prices etc. (lower performance for higher price of older products).
There didn't seem to be any active recent SSD threads on OCN with latest drives recommendations. So I made the list of E12 drives that could be found since they seem to be the best bang 4 buck right now.

Anandtech is kind of funky with it's tests, offering 3 different tests with 3 different results, probably each is or should be simulating a different user behavior usage of a drive. Varying degrees of reads/writes and types. Browsing reviews of SSDs on Anandtech is a pain because they mix review together with news, at least I do not know how to list reviews only like other sites can.

No doubt the high transfer speeds get harder to achieve both other hardware wise and software wise.

I use FastCopy for transferring larger volumes of data or when verification is wanted since doing MD5 on 100GB is not fun. https://fastcopy.jp/en/

This is the thermal sensor weirdness: https://www.guru3d.com/articles_page..._review,6.html

What update did you use to install firmware 12.3? I've added what I found into OP for the firmwares but haven't updated any myself.
Is it even worth it to update 12.2 to 12.3? Are there any differences worth updating for other than higher version number?

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