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Thank you Sean for your insight and that very useful table.

One thing I would like to note is how reviewers often gloss over the SSD software's disk footprint and memory footprint. The software included may be antique-styled or extremely bloated (size used or memory use).

You noted in your MP510 review at Tom's hardware:
you can install Corsair’s SSD Toolbox. With it, you can monitor the health of your drive, secure erase the drive, update the firmware, and more. While it is a great drive tool, the SSD Toolbox GUI is fairly dated. An updated interface would be welcome considering Corsair’s other software (like LINK and iCUle) is much sleeker looking.
It has a minimal few MB of disk usage though.

Sandisk's SSD dashboard is about half a GB in disk space per MajorGeeks' 7/17/2019 download size... AFAIK it doesn't have any amazing features, the manual only lists 3 tabs (performance in terms of speed and TRIM, tools such as secure erase and firmware update check, and status for health monitoring).

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