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Quote: Originally Posted by guttheslayer View Post
Hold up, you forgot the 15% IPC increase for AMD took them 2 years from 2017 to 2019. They didnt increase IPC every year. Leading me to believe the next 15% jump for Ryzen is in 2021, and will be head to head with Intel "7nm" node.
Well, Zen+ was just a minor tweak of Zen, not a full architecture improvement.

Zen 2 is a new architecture, and Zen 3 will be a new architecture.

Of course not a literally brand new architecture starting from nothing like from Bulldozer to Zen, but you know what I mean.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kpjoslee View Post
Another supposed tech writer not knowing Intel's 7nm =/= TSMC's 7nm.
Well, of course the number of nanometres they decide to put in the name of a process doesn't really tell you enough about it.

Part of the issue is not just that Intel has been having trouble getting their 10nm process to work, but there's also the matter of how much performance it'll actually bring them when they do.

A while back, Intel showed a graph that stated their first generation 10nm process would actually have lower performance than their own 14nm++ process.

Well, their 14nm++ process is pretty refined by now.

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