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Quote: Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
I dont see PGA as a catch. Infact I see it as a pro. I have bent the pins of many an AMD cpu and been able to bend the pins back. I have bent many LGA socket motherboards and thrown them in the bin. I dont know about you. But being able to save the CPU after bending a pin sounds like a massive advantage. "But I pull out the CPU when I remove the cooler" I hear you say. Well firstly instead of just trying to yank off your cooler just twist it back and forth gently and it will eventually come free. And if you do happen to pull it out the socket any way well it doesnt damage anything.
Exactly. Pins are an ADVANTAGE. I was sad to see them go on Intel. Much easier to fix if there's a problem. Try fixing bent pins on an LGA array. Total Nightmare!!
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