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BIOS edit help...

Hello guys! I have read carefully main article and mostly understand everything.

But just to clearify things - i want to ask some help.

I have XFX r9 290

Thing i want - is simple enough - i want to make BIOS without ULPS - or Powerplay - other words - i want my GPU work constantly on same clocks. I used to make it at Windows 7 with ClockBlocker app and it worked well.

Now i am switched to new rig - Ryzen 3700x, MSI B450-A Pro and Win10 1903. And i could not make GPU stay at same clocks. ClockBlocker is not working - i still got clock jumps. Worst thing in all that - i have black screen problem - and it happens randomly - not when GPU used , or hot or something. It can be while browsing internet for example. What i found is - it is always happend , when GPU memory went from load to idle. I can easily simulate it with overclock - i can pump my memory up to 1600MHz at load without problems, but as soon as i turn load off - i got black screen. After windows rebooted - i always got "default radeon wattman settings has been restored"...

So i tryed everything to disable that power saving, but none of it works.

Now i want to try it with BIOS flashing...

As i understand - i should chande all DPM states values in PowerPlay to 'under load' values and it should stay at same clock - right?

Surely i also need to change Voltage too...

Is there anything i am missing?
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