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Quote: Originally Posted by Darren9 View Post
I did watch the video before making a comment on it thank-you very much and they are a steel workers union - "We bring one hundred and twenty five years experience", that's one hundred and twenty five years experience as a steel workers union with less than five of those years in their recent "crowd worker" projects - Never forget your roots

This IG Metall union was responsible for a bunch of other industries as well in Germany. They were the union for the car industry, electrical industry, machine engineering. You could end up being their responsibility with a white collar job as well like design engineer. I'm not sure about this, but I think you could also end up with them for stuff like doing some office job about logistics, purchasing, sales if it was for a business in one of their industries.

Also, the way things seem to be organized in Germany, unions are like some sort of official and regulated thing. When I tried to look things up, it seemed like there are rules that make stuff happen automatically, and a business and employees are automatically involved with a certain union if part of a certain industry, and the whole industry ends up with that one union.
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