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Quote: Originally Posted by EniGma1987 View Post
And why couldnt they? An 8 core Zen2 chiplet is about 80mm2 in size. Pretty small really. As long as they clock it lower the power draw will be quite low as well.
Remember that 80mm has no IO so it’s not telling the whole story, I don’t know how much area they need for IO but then the advantage of the APU is you only need one IO for both CPU and GPU so technically it is slightly more area efficient in that way. Which is not to say that monolithic dies are more cost effective, but in the case of an APU you’ve potentially eliminated a bit of redundancy.
GPGPU functionality was the foundation of the PS4/XOne and that allowed proper CPU compute to stagnate, back then everyone had doubts about the future of console hardware (PSNow is about as old as the PS4) so that was a prime motivation to skimp on chip size. Today it seems both Sony and Microsoft have doubled down on hardware so that should bode well for the new CPU layout.

I think this graph says it all. Power Draw was down significantly on PS4/XOne vs PS3/360. Hopefully that trend will be reversed this generation.
I’d love to see a console actually drawing 300watts from the wall.
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