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I have been an intel guy for quite awhile. picked up a 3900x and a taichi X570.

My memory sticks are GSKILL TridentZ F4-4500C19D-16GTZKKE

I am having just a bit of trouble with the memory aspect. I have 2x8 sticks in A1 and B1.
The highest I can get is 3133. just selecting manual mem speed. the XMP does not work. I did not think it would.
I tried all 3 of the asrock mem profiles. I have not changed SOC, or infinity fabric.
The sticks are NOT on the QVL. Any tips?

I also have HyperX predator HX4400C19P83Ak2/16
and TridentZ F4-3200C14Q-64GTZ

the hyperX is in a different system, and the 64 gig kit is 3200 a bit slow.


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