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Quote: Originally Posted by howejustin View Post
NVM couldn't read the picture on my phone. Issue seems weird; possibly a dead CPU at this point.

Edit: am I reading this wrong: Is there a compatibility issue I'm not seeing? The cpu and ram did work, but could something have happened to all 4 sticks of ram and the cpu? Or is there something simple that I'm missing?

So your CPU + 1 stick of ram works? Does your CPU + 4 sticks not work?

Does your CPU + 1 stick + VGA work? My 1050 ti (that is seemingly dead; sending it in for an RMA to confirm) was giving me similar issues: CPU/Dram lights, system not posting; swapped to a 7870 and everything was fine again. Could be something like that for you (even if it seems weird that the GPU would be triggering the CPU/DRAM debug codes and not the VGA code).

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