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Quote: Originally Posted by howejustin View Post
Nothing works. I've tried running as simple as I can with 1 stick of ram and the cpu with VGA removed and unplugged, still has the same issue.

Did the ASUS board work, but not find the GPU (or was it the first MSI board that worked without the GPU?). It is possible that whatever board 'worked' without the GPU was defective and killed your CPU. While it is way more likely that you got two bad boards vs killing/getting a bad CPU, either are possible and definitely not fun to troubleshoot.

You have any friends/family (or a PC shop?) that have a different board you could test your CPU/Ram on? Buying and returning [multiple parts] from Amazon (and the like) seems like it would be too much of a PITA (especially if they charge restocking fees).

I would definitely return the board and get something else regardless [not worth the future anger-at-self if you get it 'working' and then it develops problems after the return period passes].

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