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Why 3800X? They are binned... I think

I've mentioned this in other threads, but I believe you are paying extra for better silicon with the 3800 vs the 3700, some people assume they are the same chip, just a higher internal TDP ID.

I just yesterday started to tinker a bit with the manual OC when I watched a video showing SiliconLottery selling a 3800x for $600+ that was 4.3 all core at 1.3V. I thought that did not seem unreasonable to achieve for such a high price. Tested it on mine, no problem, completely stable, much lower temps than auto everything. So, I went up a step, I never tried another voltage I went right to 1.32V 4.4 all cores. So far completely stable, best part 59C under load, I was hitting 69C on auto everything. I have not tried any higher yet, but I have plenty of voltage and thermal headroom.

I am curious if any 3700X people can do similar, not a pissing contest, I truly would like to know if we are paying for silicon or just a higher TDP ID and internal clock markers.
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